Perfection is attained not when there is no longer anything to add, but when there is no longer anything to take away...

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Greg regards the role of the web designer to be primarily threefold:

  1. to solve problems,
  2. to make the life of the people who visit the website easier so they can complete their tasks and achieve their goals,
  3. to help the owner of the website achieve their business objectives.

Greg’s websites are characterised by:

  • simplicity, clarity and elegance,
  • attention to typography,
  • coherent information architecture and
  • easy-to-use navigation.

Greg hand codes his websites using web standards and best practices to create clean code that is easy to maintain and ranks well in search engines.

As well as working on small website projects with tight budgets, Greg has worked as webmaster, designer, developer and consultant for several software companies in the international financial industry: Cameron Systems, Orc Software and CameronTec.

Elysium Ensemble homepage

Elysium Early Music Ensemble

Design, Coding & Hosting: Greg Dikmans

Years: 2000–present

Greg is the artistic director of the Elysium Ensemble and this website is a labour of love designed to communicate information about the ensemble’s performances and recordings, as well as information about the music, history and performance practices of the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe.

Camerontec homepage


Design: Mike Gaal (graphic designer) | Design & Coding: Greg Dikmans

Years: 2010–present

Greg worked with graphic designer Mike Gaal on the technical aspects of implementing this detailed design. Mike then produced the composites that Greg used to write the code to make it all happen.

The website is constantly evolving as new products and sections are added. The underlying architecture of the website was designed by Greg to easily allow this is happen.

Greg is currently a consultant to Camerontec, acting as webmaster and maintaining the main website as well as a company intranet and support portal. He previously worked in the same capacity for Cameron Systems (from 2002) and then for Orc Software when it purchased Cameron Systems in 2006.

Felicity Spear homepage

Felicity Spear | Visual Artist

Design: Felicity Spear | Design, Coding & Hosting: Greg Dikmans

Years: 2010–present

Greg worked closely with the artist Felicity Spear to design and develop this website to showcase her work as a visual artist and curator.

Dog Rocks Flora and Fauna Sanctuary homepage

Dog Rocks Flora & Fauna Sanctuary

Design, Coding & Hosting: Greg Dikmans

Years: 2011–present

The Dog Rocks Flora and Fauna Sanctuary wanted a simple website to raise its profile in the local community, communicate information about the local flora and fauna, highlight the work of the Batesford-Stonehaven-Fyansford Landcare Group and to complement other publicity activities.

Cameron Dental homepage

Cameron Dental | Dr Catherine Cameron

Design & Coding: Greg Dikmans

Years: 2004–2012

Cathy Cameron is the principal dentist in a busy, friendly city practice in East Melbourne, Australia. Nearly all new patients come through word of mouth, so the website’s main function is to make Cathy and the practice easy to find online.

Because of the coding and content design, the website ranks in the top position in Google searches for Cathy Cameron, Cameron Dentist and even Cathy Dentist.

In 2012 the practice changed its name to Dentists in East Melbourne with a new URL and website. The Cameron Dental website is still in place to maintain Google ranking and to redirect patients to the new website, but is no longer being actively maintained.

Cameron Edge homepage

Cameron Edge

Design: Mike Gaal (graphic designer) | Coding: Greg Dikmans

Year: 2009

Greg was given composites created by graphic designer Mike Gaal and wrote the code to implement this design with a somewhat unconventional functionality.

Greg worked closely with John Cameron, a programmer with over 20 years experience developing software for the financial industry, to provide a simple and clean code base that John could then maintain himself.

Musicological Society of Australia homepage Old version of MSA website

The MSA website before the redesign
(click to enlarge)

Musicological Society of Australia

Design & Coding: Greg Dikmans

Year: 2011

The Musicological Society of Australia website needed a redesign (see below). The underlying structure, information architecture and coding also needed to be reworked to comply with modern standards and to make the site easier to maintain in the future.

Greg worked with existing branding and content to produce a much more attractive, streamlined and useable website.

Lyrebird Press homepage

Lyrebird Press

Design & Coding: Greg Dikmans

Years: 2006–2013

The brief was to design a website using established corporate identities that, as well as being visually interesting, had an underlying architecture that would easily scale as this publishing company expanded its catalogue of books and music.

In 2013 the Lyrebird Press website was decommissioned and its content moved to the Faculty of the VCA and MCM website at the University of Melbourne.

Dr Rodger Davies homepage

Dr Rodger Davies | Oculoplastic Surgeon

Design & Coding: Greg Dikmans

Years: 2007–2013

The brief was to create a website using Dr Davies’ established corporate identity to inform general practitioners and the general public about the many conditions and treatments in Dr Davies’ area of specialisation. It was important that the information should be easy to find by people visiting the site and that it should rank well in Google searches.