Greg Dikmans

Greg Dikmans designs and develops websites. It’s one of his passions.

He’s been working with web technologies for 15 years.

He combines creative and analytical thinking with a deep interest in communication and user experience.

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Greg regards the role of the web designer to be primarily threefold:

  1. to solve problems,
  2. to make the life of the people who visit the website easier so they can complete their tasks and achieve their goals,
  3. to help the owner of the website achieve their business objectives.

Greg’s websites are characterised by:

Greg hand codes his websites using web standards and best practices to create clean code that is easy to maintain and ranks well in search engines.

As well as working on small website projects with tight budgets, Greg has worked as webmaster, designer, developer and consultant for several software companies in the international financial industry: Cameron Systems, Orc Software and CameronTec Group.


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